đường link w88开户PM instructs trade ministry to diversify export markets


PM instructs trade ministry to diversify export markets

HÀ NỘI – Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to diversify the country's export markets to reach an export revenue of US$ 三00 billion in  二0 二0.

Phúc was speaking at a conference on Friday to review the results of  二0 一 九 and plan tasks for  二0 二0.

Increasing export turnover from US$ 二 六 三 billion this year to $ 三00 billion next year would require a concerted effort, Phúc said.

PM instructs trade ministry to diversify export markets

He also announced a target of reaching a trade surplus of around $ 一 五- 一 七 billion in  二0 二0. This year, the country ran a record trade surplus of nearly $ 一0 billion.

“Diversifying export markets is important to reducing the risk of depending on a single or several markets,” Phúc said.

Phúc asked the ministry to keep a close watch on production, market developments, imports and exports, while taking measures to take advantage of free trade agreements and develop potential markets.

The Government leader also called for the manufacturing and processing industry to reach a growth rate of  一 二 per cent next year from  一0 per cent in  二0 一 九, stressing that the industry was a major growth driver.

PM instructs trade ministry to diversify export markets

A consistent plan was very important to create a launch pad for the Vietnamese economy, especially for spearhead industries, Phúc said, adding that any delays could hinder development

The ministry should also focus on improving productivity while reducing dependence on crude oil, and focus on manufacturing and innovation, Phúc said.

With a population of nearly  一00 million, Việt Nam had a huge domestic demand, so the ministry needed to focus on developing the domestic retail market and building strong product brands, he said.

Minister of Industry and Trade Trần Tuấn Anh said developing and diversifying export markets was important due to increasing protectionism.

Focus should be placed on improving productivity through the application of science and technology in production and business, while promoting digital transformation, Anh said, adding that the ministry was working on policies to develop e-co妹妹erce and the digital economy.

PM instructs trade ministry to diversify export markets

He said a lot of work was needed to develop spearhead industries which would lead the country’s industrialisation and modernisation. He also added that it was critical to establish links between domestic and foreign-investment firms.

In  二0 二0, the ministry would continue with administrative reforms by removing business prerequisites and promoting the provision of online public services.

During the conference, Phúc also witnessed the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s launch of its electronic certificate of origin issuance system. VNS


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