Benjamin "The Immigrant" Rogers & his sons


Welcome to the Rogers-Ben web site!

This site represents combined efforts of numerous people who are descended from or otherwise interested in the Rogers line that started in American with the arrival in Virginia of Benjamin (the Immigrant) in 1734. We don't want to be confused with Rogers who landed with the Mayflower, John Rogers the Martyr, or Will Rogers. We are quite comfortable being just plain folk, who arrived in American to start a new life, clear land, defend our rights in the Revolution and the War of 1812, and then head out for other parts. We went to Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, and other places where land was available and folks were free to speak their mind and earn their living.

Many individuals have been working for a number of years on uncovering the mysteries of this fascinating Rogers line. The information found here is by no means 100% perfect. There is a lot of incorrect or at least undocumented information about some members of this line found in other sources. A number of us have worked very hard to weed out the mistakes that some earlier researchers have made. If you find any information here that you believe is not correct, please contact me at:

Warning: This site contains some information that has not been proven with 1st source hard evidence. It is the best data available and represents our work in progress. Please use this information only as a basis for your research.
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