Benjamin " The Immigrant" Rogers

William Rogers

Born: 24 May 1748 in Culpeper County, Virginia
1 May 1835 in Adair County, Kentucky

Mother: Sokey Unknown
Father: Benjamin Rogers

Married: (1) (Veletta) Letty Downing. She died Bef. 1795


  1. John (Belmont)
    b. Abt. 1771, Cripple Creek, Botetourt (later Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. Abt. 1860, Adair County, Kentucky
  2. William, Jr.
    b. Abt. 1772, Cripple Creek, Botetourt (later Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. Bef. 5 Dec 1842, Adair County, Kentucky
  3. James
    b. 1776, Montgomery (later Wythe) County, VA
    d. Bef. May 1850, Adair County, Kentucky
  4. Sarah (Sally)
    b. Abt. 1784, Montgomery (later Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. Dec 1854, Adair County, Kentucky
  5. Nancy
    b. 1 Jun 1788, Montgomery (later Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. Aft. 1860
  6. Mary (Polly)
    b. Abt. 1789, Montgomery (later Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. 15 Dec 1859, Short Creek, Adair County, Kentucky
  7. Benjamin
    b. Unknown

Married: (2) Mary Burk Abt. 1795 in Wythe Co, VA. She died Bef. May 1835.



Sources & Additional Information:

William Rogers' Will

William Rogers is the oldest known son of Benjamin "the Immigrant". He, like his father served both in Dunmore's War and the Revolution. Since he had a son named William, he is also known as William (Sr.). From his Revolutionary War pension application copied below, we know that he was born 24 May 1748 in Culpeper Co, Virginia. He moved with his family to SW Virginia around Cripple Creek where he spent 46 years. Most of that time the area was in Montgomery Co although it is now in Wythe Co. About 1825, William moved to Adair Co Kentucky where most of his children were.

There is not much known about William's wife(s). As you will see below, he may have been married twice.

The following document was typed as it appeared in the Revolutionary War Pension file in the National Archives (File # S1249). I attempted to keep the original spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. The notes within the parentheses and the footnotes have been added for clarification. The Battle of Guilford Court House was 15 March 1781. It is not clear from his pension application if he was at that battle, but he did mention marching to Guilford County. We also know that Benjamin Jr., John, David, James, and Joseph were there. We also know that the following officers who William said he served under were also there: Col Wm Campbell, Maj Joseph Cloyd, and Lt. Samuel Ward. See Battle at Guilford Court House under Bits & Pieces for more information about this battle.

"State of Kentucky

Adair County

On this 1st day of October 1832 personally appearing in open court, before the justices of Adair County Court William Rodgers ... a resident of Adair County ..... aged 84 years who being duly sworn according to law ..... on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 4th 1832 -

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served herein stated-----

That he entered the service of the United States about the 1st May 1779 as a drafted Militiaman under Capt. Henry Francis and was marched to the lead mines in Montgomery County VA and was left with 19 others under the command of Lieutenant Samuel Ewing to guard said mines, but in a short time received orders and marched to the Moravian Towns in North Carolina and joined the Company to which they formerly belonged and which Company made part of the Regiment Commanded by Col. (William) Preston, Leut. James Ward and Maj. (Joseph) Cloyd

(1). Capt. Francis was killed by the Tories before we reached our old Company.

(2) We took about 20 Tories as prisoners. Some of these were whipped and some sent to the regular service. We were something over three months on this town and were discharged but whether he received a written discharge or not however he did he does not recollect what has become of it.

A short time after he reached hence he thinks August 1779 he volunteered for a three months tour to North Carolina. Marched through the Moravian Towns to Guilford Courthouse NC and at the expiration of the tour were discharged but does not recollect to have received a written discharge if he did however he does not recollect what has become of it.

In 1780 he volunteered and serviced six months duty which time he was marched to Greenbrier County Virginia (now WV) come on some Tories surrounded them and drove them into a house and this applicant with others chosen by the officers as true Whigs were ordered to guard and safely keep said Tories until further orders and the others marched to where he does not recollect. Sometime after his tour expired he was discharged but does not recollect to have received a written discharge if he did however he does not recollect what has become of it. He was at that time under William Montgomery Capt., Samuel Ewing Lieut., Col. (William) Campbell, James Ward Lieut Col., and Maj. (Joseph) Cloyd. (Note: We know that Col. Campbell and Maj Cloyd were both at the Battle at Weitzel's Mills on Reedy Creek, NC. It was at while crossing the creek at Weitzel's Mills that Maj Cloyd saved the life of Col William Preston).

About the last of March 1781 he again volunteered as a scout in a company of Rangers to guard the frontier about the head of the Clinch River and other frontier parts and places and continued in said service until sometime in July 1781. Still continued under some or all of the last mentioned officers during this service we had frequent skirmishes some of our men killed and we killed some Tories and Indians. He states he serviced about 19 months in all. He further states that when he entered the service he lived in Montgomery County Virginia and remained there about 46 years(3). He then moved to Adair County in the state of Kentucky where he now resides. He was born in Culpeper County Virginia on the 24th day of May 1748. He has a record of his age at his residence in Adair County.

He states that he has no documentary evidence that he knows of. No person now living in Kentucky who can testify to his service. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to and subscribed this day and year aforesaid.

(his mark)

William Rodgers

William Moß a clergyman residing within the County of Adair and Francis A. Browning residing in said County hereby certify that we are well acquainted with William Roger Sr. who has scribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be 84 years of age that he is trusted and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

Wm Moß

Franscis A. Browning"

Here are other sightings that we believe pertain to William Rogers, son of Benjamin (the Immigrant)

24 May 1748 : Born in Culpeper Co, VA. Benjamin (Sr.)'s 1st son. Source: His Revolutionary War Pension Declaration, Adair Co, KY, 1 Oct 1832, National Archives."

1771 : Listed as a tithable on New River in Herbert's Company. He owned 200 acres on Mine Mill Creek sold to Joseph Jackson in 1815. Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters Vol III, p.340. See Ft. Chiswell, the lead mines and gunpowder in Bits, Pieces.

1774 : Dunmore's War Capt. William Russell's Company. Source: Dunmore's War Card Index at Library of VA, index p.xxvi. NOTE:For more information about this area during the British period and Dunmore's War see: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/jweaver300/nr-revo.htm

2 Mar 1778 : Swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Neighbor, John, Joseph, and Benjamin Rogers swore their allegiance at the same time. Source: Montgomery Co, VA, The First Hundred Years, p.52-53.

1778 : William vrs. Commonwealth. Source: Montgomery Co VA Court Order Index-Def., p.168.

28 Mar 1780 : Montgomery Co VA Court. Probate witness. Source: Annals of SW VA, Montgomery Co, p.687.

15 Mar 1781 : Battle of Guilford Co, Court House, Cpt Wm Montgomery's Company, Col William Campbell. His pension application indicates that he was at Guilford Co, NC, but it is not clear that it was during this battle. Source: Rev War Pension Application, 1832.

5 April 1781 : Member of Captain James Newell's Company of Montgomery Co. Source: Montgomery Co, VA, The First Hundred Years, p.94-95.

1782 : Militia supplies claim. Source: Montgomery Co VA Court Order Index-Militia 2, p.319.

1782 : Survey of 374 acres at head of Mine Mill Creek adjacent John Brawley. Source: Montgomery Co VA Plat Book C, p.126.

1782 : James Newell, William Rogers, William Moore, and Alexander. Neely made selections along Mine Mill Creek with John Rogers and Thomas Nelson joining them in 1783. Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters Vol III, p.221.

1782 : Claimed stray animals. Source: Montgomery Co, VA Court Order Index-Plaintiff, p.2.

1782 Taxed for 400 acres of land. Montgomery Co, VA Land Tax List 1782. Source: New River Web Site.

1782 Taxed for 100 acres of land. Montgomery Co, VA Land Tax List 1782. Source: New River Web Site.

24 Jun 1786 : Patrick Henry, ESQ, Thomas Madison & Co assignees of Patrick Henry 1,000 acres on lead Mine Mill Creek, branch of New River, to begin at William Rogers and to John Rogers' land & to Richard Muse's land & to join James Source: Montgomery Co, VA Entry Book B, p.298.

1 Aug 1787 : Recorded on Tax List A. Two horses and 10 head of cattle. Source: The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787.

29 May 1788 : Listed with one White male boy 16-21, no slaves, and two horses. Note "CC" (Cripple Creek) after his name to differentiate him from Wm., the son of Doswell Rogers. Source: 1788 Montgomery Co, Tax List (List A).

25 Sep 1795 : Will of John Brally (Brawley) mentions daughters: Martha (Benjamin Jr's wife), Barbara, & Polly (John's 2rd wife). Witnesses: Wm Rogers, John Britton, & Wm Lockett. Exec: Richard Muse & Daniel Lockett. Source: Wythe Co, VA Will Book 1, p.7.

27 Oct 1795 Thomas Madison & Co on Treasury Warrant 1783 assignee Henry Banks on Cripple Creek adjoining William Rogers' survey corner to Dean's & Thos. Majors, including 500 acres the property of James McGavock. Source: Survey Book 1, Wythe Co 1791-1800, p.234.

10 Nov 1795 : On the motion of William Rogers & for reasons appearing to the court, it was ordered that the fine inflicted on him and Mary Burk, for unlawfully cohabiting together, be remitted. Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters Vol III, p.365.

10 Nov 1795 : William Rogers & Mary to John Gaugh (Gaug), 130 acres on New River, part of 230 granted to Wm by patent 12 Apr 1795, by survey 15 Apr 1796. Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters Vol III, p.179.

10 Nov 1795 : James Newell, 1,000 acres, entry on Montgomery Co on Treasury Warrant 1782 assignee of George Thompson, on Mine Mill Creek corner to James McGavock & William Rogers. Source: Survey Book 1, Wythe Co 1791-1800, p.192

10 Nov 1795 : Wm Rogers of Wythe Co VA to John Thompson Sayers of same Co, 100 acres on Reed Creek, branch of New River, L13 15s current VA money. Wit by: Robert Adams, Jos Crockett, Jn Montgomery and Daniel Freet. Source: Wythe Co, VA Deed Book #1, p.343.

6 Apr 1796 : James & Andrew Crockett as tenants in common, 350 acres, 1796, on treasury warrant 1794, on Reed Creek, corner to Andrew Crockett, John Creager, and William Rogers. Source: Survey Book 1, Wythe Co 1791-1800, p.286-7.

8 May 1798 : Appraisal of John Brawley's estate by Wm Rogers, Robert Sanders & Stephen Sanders. Source: Wythe Co, VA Will Book 1, p.8.

9 Oct 1798 : Appointed "overseer of the road" Wythe Co VA. Source: Annals of SW VA, Wythe Co. p. 1368.

2 Aug 1800 : 1,000 acres bordering William Rogers' land was purchased by James Newell. Appears the land was in Montgomery, Grayson or Wythe Co. Source: Montgomery Co Will Book 1 - 178-1809, p.19.

Aug 1803 : Witnessed Bond of Wm Henly appointed Constable in Capt. Fanning's Co. Source: Wythe Co, VA Will Book 1, p.20.

3 Oct 1804 : Settlement of real property of Samuel Smith by Rich'd Muse, Wm. Rogers and Daniel Lockett. Source: Wythe Co, VA Will Book 1, p. 24.

1811 : Member of 105th Regiment. Source: The Militia of Washington Co, VA, p.138.

Ca 1825 : William moved to Adair County, Kentucky to join most of his children who had already moved there.

May 1832 : William was listed as a trustee for the Pleasant Ridge Meeting House. Source: "Methodist History Of Adair County, Kentucky".

1 Oct 1832 : Appeared in open court at Adair Co, KY to make a declaration for Statement contained in William's Revolutionary War Revolutionary War pension IAW Congressional Act. Source: Pension File, National Archives.

1 May 1835 : Died, Adair Co, KY. Source: Rev. War Pension Record, National Archives.

Information provided by researchers of this line: Here is something we found that will verify the children of William Sr and Letty. This is dated Monday February 1, 1836 and is from the Adair Co. Order Book F, Page 143, also in the same order book dated Monday July 4, 1836 the following:

Satisfactory proof was this day made in open court by the oath of Alexander Walker that William Rogers late a pensioner of the United States departed this life on the first day of May 1835 and that the said William Rogers was the identical person named in an original certificate now here shown to the court bearing date the 31st day of May 1833 and signed by Lewis Caps (not sure of name) Secretary of War granting to the said William Rogers a pension of sixty three dollars and 33 cents per annum and numbered 13674.

It was further proved to the satisfaction of the court that the said William Rogers left no widow and that William Rogers, James Rogers, Sally Keltner, widow of Michael Keltner, Nancy Keltner, widow of John Keltner and Polly Retherford, widow of Robert Retherford and John B. Rogers are the children and the only known livings children of the said William Rogers dec'd and that they are now living-and further that Benjamin was further proven by the oath of James Carter Post Master in the town of Columbia in said county that diligent inquiry had been made through the medium of the Post Office for

Benjamin Rogers one of the heirs of said William Rogers, dec'd who had not been heard of for several years past.

William Rogers Sr. b. May 24, 1748, d. May 1, 1835 in Adair Co. KY, Married

Letty R.------thought to be part Cherokee. Children:

John B. Rogers (maybe Belmont) b. 1771, d. 1860 Adair Co. KY m. Mary

Willaim Jr. b/ 1772 Montgomery Co. VA, d. Dec. 5, 1842, m. 1st Sarah Lowe Jan.12, 1791, m. 2 nd Elizabeth Price May 1, 1820.

James Rogers, b. 1776, married Thursey, d. before May 1850 in Adair Co. KY

Mary "Polly" Rogers, b. ca 1785 Wythe Co. VA (formerly Montgomery Co.), d. Dec. 15, 1859, married Robert Rutherford

Sarah " Sally" Rogers, born 1784 in Wythe Co. Va.(formerly Montgomery Co.) d. November 1854 of old age. According to KY Vital Statistics, m. Michael Keltner Sr. Dec. 10, 1798.

Nancy Rogers, b. Jan. 1, 1780 Shenandoah, VA, m. John Henry Keltner Dec. 16, 1805 in Wythe Co. VA.

Benjamin Rogers, no dates known, could not be located when his father died.

  1. There was also a John Floyd who was an officer in the Montgomery County, VA Militia, but the name on William's application appears to be Cloyd and assumed to be Joseph Cloyd who saved the life of Col William Preston at the battle at Whitzell's Mills.
  2. Mary B. Kegley in her Early Adventures on the Western Waters Vol III , p. 437 states: "Henry Francis was one of the earliest settlers on Cripple Creek, being in the neighborhood as early as 1768 when his tract of 750 acres was settled." She also states that Henry Francis served in the French and Indian War was appointed Constable on Cripple Creek in 1770. Note that Benjamin was appointed to that same position seven years later according to Annals of SW VA, p. 676. Mary Kegley also tells us on page 437 of the above cited book that "In 1780, on another mission to North Carolina, Henry as killed in the fight with some Tories under Captian Kyle, and James Newell was recommended to replace him.
  3. Information from Adair County, Kentucky indicates that William moved there in 1825. That would indicate that Benjamin (the Immigrant) must have moved his family to the Cripple Creek area about 1779. However, we know that William was in the area by 1771 when he was listed with Benjamin, John, and James as a tithable on New River in Herbert's Company. He owned 200 acres on Mine Mill Creek which he sold to Joseph Jackson in 1815. Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters, Vol III, p.340. So either William was in what became Wythe County, Virginia longer than 46 years, or he moved to Kentucky earlier than 1825.
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