John Belmont Rogers

Born: Abt. 1771 in Cripple Creek, Botetourt (later Wythe) County, Virginia
Abt. 1860 in Adair County, Kentucky

Mother: (Veletta) Letty Downing
Father: William Rogers

Married: Mary "Polly".She was born Abt. 1783 in Virginia.


  1. Leany H.
    b. Abt. 1796
  2. John W.
    b. Abt. 1796 in Virginia
    d. 22 May 1848, Jalapa, Mexico (War with Mexico)
  3. Viletta (Letty)
    b. Abt. 1798, Montgomery County (later Wythe County), VA
    d. Bef. 1880
  4. Jackson Henry
    b. Abt. 1817, Adair County, Kentucky
  5. Josiah
    b. Unknown



Sources and Additional Information:

Subject: FW: More proof
Date: 23/10/99 4:41:05 AM GMT Daylight Time
From: tom@mail.hot1.net (Tom Rodgers)

Sent on behalf of Barbara:

I may have already mentioned that the marriage bond for Ann Rebecca Rogers to Jacob Morgan stated that her father was born in Greenbrier Co. VA. I believe that Ann was the youngest daughter of Josiah Rogers.

Today, I looked through research I had done on Greenbrier Co (about 10 years ago) and discovered that Greenbrier was made from a portion of Montgomery Co. VA! It is now a part of West Virginia...I am more convinced than ever that Josiah is the son of John B. Rogers, who was the eldest son of William Rogers Sn who was the eldest son of Benjamin the emigrant. I really believe we are on the right track.

The researcher couldn't find any record of a marriage for John B. and Mary "Polly" ?...however one of the children of John B. who has been documented lists his place of birth as Wythe Co. Va.

Also ran across some research done in 1982 that said that a family Bible for John (the powder ker) Rogers was held by Ralph Rogers of Nashville Tn in 1955. We may find the missing cousin yet who has more answers to our family history.


Subject: Re: Marriage records from Wythe Co. VA
Date: 22/11/99 10:48:54 PM GMT Standard Time
From: JRogers722
To: bjauch@thefields.com


You wrote that you though the John Rogers who married "Mary Polly" Brawley in 1793 was William (b. 1748)'s son John Belmont Rogers. I believe your cousin John Thomas is correct ...........it was not John Belmont, it was John "the Powder Maker".

I thought most of William's (b. 1748) family was in Adair Co, KY by 1793. I feel certain that the John who married Polly was John "the Powder Maker". Here is why:

- John "the Powder Maker" was a neighbor of John Brawley (the father of Polly) and James Brawley (the brother of Polly).

- John "the Powder Maker"'s first son after the marriage was named Reuben B. Rogers. This must have been Reuben Brawley since John's son Jesse b. 1791 had a son and grandson named Reuben Brawley, his son (Major) David b. 1779 had a grandson Reuben B., and his son William (Preacher Bill) b. 1777 had a grandson named Reuben Brawley. Does John B. have anyone in his line with the middle name of Brawley?

- Early Adventures on the Western Warters, Vol III, p. 244 indicates that the John who married Polly Brawley was John Rogers, brother of Benjamin (Jr). That would be John "the Powder Maker".

I would also be interested in knowing how you found that William (b. 1748)'s son John had the middle name of Belmont. As I've said before, it was very unusual for middle names to be given before the end of the Rev War. I have not found any other Rogers in this line with a middle name prior to 1795. I would be most interested in knowing where you found John B.'s middle name.


Subject: Rogers family
Date: 01/25/2000 12:08:44 AM GMT Standard Time
From: dale.miller23@gte.net (dorene)
Reply-to: dale.miller23@gte.net (dorene)
To: JRogers722@aol.com (Jerry Rogers)


I wish I had more on the James Rogers family, but I have more than I ever thought I would find when I started this search.

I am not firm on the name Belmont, it just keeps showing up with nothing to back it up. A lady, Jan Rothenburg (hope this is spelled correctly) visited me when she was in Campbellsville, she was researching the John Rogers line for a friend, she had this name Belmont as his middle name. She was to bring me up to date on her source, when she did not contact me again, I found that she was no longer here. That is all I have been able to get from the friend. I shall continue to search for this name, maybe I'll get lucky someday.

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