Stacy Rogers

Born: Bet. 1800 - 1810
in Washington County, Indiana

Mother: Elizabeth (Britton?)
Father: Joseph Rogers

Married: Zachariah Freeman Abt. 1819 in Washington County, Tennessee.

He was born Abt. 1795, and died 10 February 1840 in Washington County, Indiana.

Sources and Additional Information:

Subject: Re: Stacy (Rogers) Freeman of Washington County, Tennessee
Date: 06/10/2000 11:46:16 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: stones@centurytel.net (James Stone)
To: AJDykes931@aol.com

Hi, I don't know of anyone else who is researching our line of Rogers. That is why I am glad to have contacted you and Jerry. There was a cousin Bernice Yoder who was searching years ago, but I had a old address on her and haven't been able to contact her. She is descended from Kinion line. I am sending the names of children of John Kinion and Artemissa Freeman Kinion that way if another descendant is searching you will already have the info.

John Kinion Jr. Civil War Vet. born 1820, Washington Co. Ind. Married Artemissa Freeman Feb. 29 1844, Washington Co. Ind.

1)Mary E. born 1845, Washington Co. In.Married Samuel Glaze, Harrison Co. Mo.

2)James B.born Oct. 28, 1846 married Anna Jane Moore Knoxville, MO.

3)Sarah J. born Jan. 18, 1849 Wapello Co. Iowa Married James Briant Harrison Co. Mo

4)William John born Sept. 28, 1850 Wapello Co. Iowa

5) Ann E. born 1853 Wapello Co. Iowa married George Howell Harrison co. Mo July 8, 1870

6) Sanford C. born November 15, 1854 Wapello co. Iowa married Martha Jane McBee July 8, 1877 Harrison co. Mo. (my line )

7)George A. born Dec. 4, 1859 Harrison Co. Mo

8)Samuel N. born Oct. 21, 1865 Harrison co. Mo.

9) Amanda C. Aug. 28, 1857 Harrison co. Mo married John E. Braden

Please forward these if anyone needs them. Thanks again

Joan Stone

Subject: Re: Stacy (Rogers) Freeman of Washington County, Tennessee
Date: 05/25/2000 7:22:46 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: stones@centurytel.net (James Stone)
To: AJDykes931@aol.com

Hi, thanks for responding so quickly, yes, I am interested in exchanging information on Rogers family. Zachriah and Stacy Rogers Freeman moved to Washington Co. Indiana sometime between 1830 and 1840. Zachriah dies about Feb 10, 1840 in Indiana. Stacy date of death unknown at this time. Their daughter my ggrandmother Artmissa Freeman married John Kinyan (Kinion) later spelling, February 29, 1844 in Washinton Co. Indiana. They move from there to Wappello Co Iowa and then down to Harrison Co. Missouri. Some of the family has been working on the genealogy for a number of years I am just picking up where they left off. My greatgrandfather was Sanford Kinion. He married Martha Jane McBee, originally from Grainger Co. Tn. Sanfords sister Sarah had marked on the back of her picture that she was one quarter Indian.

We didn't know if it came from Kinion, Rogers or Freeman. I have quite a bit of info on Artemissa's family that I can exchange with you. Thanks

Joan Stone

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Subject: Stacy (Rogers) Freeman of Washington County, Tennessee

Dear Ms. Stone:

I just saw your query on "Rootsweb" regarding Zachariah and Stacy (Rogers) Freeman. Stacy was the daughter of Joseph Rogers (ca 1765-1828), an early settler of Washington County, Tennessee, and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).

Joseph was the son of Benjamin Rogers, Sr., who came to America from England in 1739, settling first in Virginia and later moving to Blount County, Tennessee, where he died circa 1802.

I am descended from Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter, Artemesa Rogers, who married her first cousin, Benjamin Rogers, in Washington County, Tennessee, 1828. Artemesa was a sister of your ancestor, Stacy (Rogers) Freeman.

A group of online researchers, led by Jerry Rogers, have been working together to obtain more information about Benjamin Rogers, Sr. and his descendants. You may contact Jerry via email: JRogers722@aol.com for additional information.

If you are interested, I will be glad to exchange data on the Joseph Rogers family.

James T. Dykes, M.D.
12116 Southwick Circle
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(865) 675 - 2090

Subject: Re: Fwd: Stacy (Rogers) Freeman of Washington County, Tennessee
Date: 06/04/2000 6:32:19 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: stones@centurytel.net (James Stone)
To: JRogers722@aol.com

Hi, I went over the material that you sent me, it looks like we are researching same Rogers family. Stacy Rogers Freeman was my gggreatgrandmothers on my fathers side of the family. Gertie louellan Kinion is my grandmother. Artemissa Freeman Stacy's daughter married John Kinion (Kinyan) one of their son's Sanford Kinion is my greatgrandfather. I have some info on their children and the Freeman line in Washington Co. Indiana. I had a Joseph Rogers for Stacy 's father, Stacy and Zachriah Freeman married in Washington Co. Tn. Artemissa was born there in March 4, 1821, they moved to Ind. sometime between 1830 to 1835. Also listed in estate records are Louisa, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Sarah Jane. I have been working from notes of James Holmes, a cousin, he quit working on the line in 1990, due to health problems. So I hope this fits in with your Rogers line. My computer is a IBM laptop so I can't handle to complicated documents.


Joan Stone.

Subject: Re: Fwd: Stacy (Rogers) Freeman of Washington County, Tennessee
Date: 07/07/2000 4:12:58 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: stones@centurytel.net (James Stone)
To: JRogers722@aol.com

Hi, I don't have a date of birth for Stacy Rogers, what I have came from notes of another cousin who was working on the family genealogy then had to quit because of health problems. The Email address belongs to his sister, Madge Early. We were trying to finish the line. On Zachariah Freeman, he served in the War of 1812 with the Hawkins Co. Volunteers. Captain William Gillenwaters Company of Volunteers. From Oct. 2, 1813 to Feb. 8. 1814.

There are two John Freemans listed with him, but I hadn't been able to tie the families together.

Zachariah Freeman born about 1795 married Stacy Rogers Washington Co. TN about 1818 or earlier. Artemissa Freeman born March 4, 1821 in Washington Co. TN.

2) Louisa Freeman
3) Elizabeth Freeman
4)Mary Jane Freeman
5) Sarah Jane Freeman

Zachariah Freeman died about Feb. 10, 1840 Stacy may have died before that.

His note on the estate records state that one of the above may have been Zachariah Freeman second wife.

Artemissa Freeman married John Kinion Feb. 29, 1844 Washington Co. Indiana.



  1. ARTMISSA 4 FREEMAN, b. 04 March 1821, Washington County, Tennessee; m. JOHN (KINION) KINYAN, JR., 29 February 1844, Washington County, Indiana; b. Abt. 1820, Washington County, Indiana.
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