Reuben (Major Reuben) Rogers

Born: Abt. 1786 in Montgomery (now Wythe) County, Virginia
11 October 1865 in Washington County, Tennessee

Mother: Elizabeth (Britton?)
Father: Joseph Rogers

Married: Bathsheba Haile 14 November 1812 in Washington County, Tennessee, daughter of Joshua Haile and Mary Stephensen. She was born Abt. 1795 in Tennessee, and died 1860 in Washington County, Tennessee


  1. Reuben
    b. 1813
  2. Joseph
    b. Abt. 1814, Washington County, Tennessee
    d. Aft. 1882
  3. Samuel
    b. Abt. 1816, Washington County, Tennessee
  4. Minerva
    b. Abt. 1826, Washington County, Tennessee
  5. Caroline

Sources and Additional Information:

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Subject: Re: Bethsheba & Ruben Rogers
Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 3:14 PM

Bethsheba, who married Rueban Rogers, was not the daughter of Joseph Rogers, but her husband Reuben could have been. I have not researched the Rogers line. I found: Land Warrant # 26351060 for 160 acres, Acts and Claims of the Third Audit, File #9374130, dated 11 Jan. 1830. (This was land given to veterans of the War of 1812 or their descendants.)

Bethsheba filed this claim on behalf of her siblings and herself as heirs of her father Joshua Hale, who was a private in the 24th Infantry, War of 1812, and was killed 1 Sep 1813 at Chillicothe, Ohio. Bethsheba names my ancestor (her brother) Amon Hale as one of the children of Joshua Hale. Sorry I can't help you on the Rogers line. My notes say Bethsheba married Ruben Rogers 14 Nov. 1812, had 3 or more children and her husband was a blacksmith.

Lora Tindall

According to James Dykes, this Reuben was the son of Joseph and lived in Washington County, Tennessee. May have been a Maj in the War of 1812.

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Date: 13/09/99 11:24:51 AM GMT Daylight Time
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Thank you very much for the quick response and all the information in your spreadsheet on Benjamin Rogers Sr. I will be studying this for several days. I was not able to open the Thomas Rogers attachment in MSWorks, and I don't have the Excel program. Tomorrow night I will sent you what I have on the Thomas Rogers line from Washington Co TN, and I will type the information I have on Benjamin b 1804 and Reuben, the son of John (the Powder Maker). The articles were published by WAG in the 1988 book "History of Washington Co TN".

The article is mostly about Reuben's son Joseph, who lived in Embreeville, Washington Co TN, same town as my g-grandmother, which is why I started researching this line. By the way I forgot to mention last time that my g-grandmother's death certificate stated her father was Judge Rogers? Do you know of any Rogers that were Judge's? Her Mothers name was unknown. You must have spend years doing all this research. I had given up on the Rogers line several years ago because I kept hitting dead ends. But my 2nd cousin gave me some more family history and got me interested in the Rogers line again. I really appreciate your help. After you review my information please send me any questions or comments. Carol Bigham, Antioch IL

Subject: Re: Reuben Rogers of Washington County, TN
Date: 02/11/99 12:24:43 PM GMT Standard Time
From: AJDykes931


The Reuben Rogers who married Bathsheba Hale in Washington County, TN, 1812, was in all likelihood the son of Joseph Rogers (whom we believe to be a son of Benjamin, Sr.). This particular Reuben Rogers remained in Washington County, where he was listed on the 1830 census as "Major Reuben Rogers." Reuben was the administrator of the estate of Joseph Rogers, who died in 1828 in Washington County, TN. During the estate settlement, Reuben purchased the shares of Joseph's estate from the other heirs. One of the children of Reuben and Bathsheba (Hale) Rogers was named Joseph, presumably after Reuben's father.

My ancestor, Benjamin Rogers (son of John Rogers, the powder maker), apparently left Claiborne County, TN as a young man and resided in Washington County with his uncle, Joseph Rogers (ca 1765-1828). While there, he married Joseph's daughter, Artemesa (Benjamin's first cousin) in 1828. First cousin marriages were quite common in the 18th and early 19th centuries, especially in rural areas.

If anyone has additional data on the Joseph Rogers family, please let me know.

James T. Dykes, M.D.

Subject: Re: Reuben Rogers
Date: 03/11/99 2:15:51 AM GMT Standard Time
From: Bigham-IL@worldnet.att.net (Carol Bigham)
Reply-to: Bigham-IL@worldnet.att.net
To: JRogers722@aol.com, Loratindal@aol.com

An article on Reuben Rogers from "History of Washington Co TN 1988", published by WAG.

Reuben, supposedly a son or grandson of Benjamin, was born 1780-90 in Blount Co TN. In 1799 he enlisted in the Blount Co Militia. The 1830 census lists him as Major Reuben Rogers. Nov 14, 1812, he married Bathsheba Haile. They had six children. Four are listed in the settlement of his estate: Samuel, Minerva, Carloine and Joseph. Reuben died April 19, 1867, Washington Co TN.

Joseph, son of Reuben, was born 1813 in Washington Co TN. Sept 1, 1833 he married Rachel Lowrance. According to the census they had nine children:

Elihue, Minerva, Samuel, Elizabeth, Margaret, Reuben, Eveline, Joseph and Mary.

In the article there is more info on Elihue, son of Joseph listed above, and his children if anyone is interested in these names please let me know.

Does this article shed any light on which Reuben he is, I thought he was the son of John the Powder Maker since he was born in Bount Co and listed as Major in 1830 census.

Subject: Re: Reuben Rogers of Washington County, TN
Date: 08/11/99 9:16:10 AM GMT Standard Time
From: AJDykes931
To: Bigham-IL@worldnet.att.net, JRogers722

Dear Carol and other Rogers cousins:

As I mentioned to everyone in an earlier message, the Reuben Rogers who resided in Washington County, TN, known as "Major Reuben Rogers," was the son of Joseph Rogers (ca 1765-1828) and the grandson of Benjamin Rogers, Sr.

The article written in the Washington County, TN History (published 1988) about this Reuben Rogers states that he was born in Blount County, TN. However, I believe this to be an error. All available evidence suggests that "Major" Reuben was born either in Virginia or in Washington County, TN, where Joseph (Reuben's father) settled after moving from Virginia. As Jerry has correctly pointed out, this particular Reuben IS NOT the son of John Rogers (1757-1822).

James T. Dykes, M.D.

Subject: Major Reuben Rogers of Washington Co., TN
Date: 08/02/2000 8:09:17 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: kristin108@hotmail.com (Kristin Whitson)
To: JRogers722@aol.com

Dear Cousins,

Hi. My name is Kristin, and I am new to the list. I descend from multiple Rogers, one of them being Major Reuben Rogers of Washington County, Tennessee, son of Joseph Rogers (b. abt 1760), son of Benjamin the Immigrant Rogers. I have been doing some research on Major Reuben, and I am writing in hopes that one of you might be able to help me with a question. I have found that Major Reuben, as he is listed on the 1830 census was a member of the East Tennessee Militia under Colonel Allison and in Captain John Hampton's Company. This company was a member of the forces that were with Andrew Jackson during the Creek Wars in the War of 1812, and participated in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend along the Tallapoosa River in Alabama. I have been told that next to the Battle of New Orleans, this is the battle that everyone liked to claim that they had been a part of. The Battle took place on March 27, 1814, and Reuben had been promoted to Ensign from Sergeant twenty-six days earlier, on March 1, 1814. During this battle, around 900 Creek Indians were either killed, or slaughtered.

I don't know when Reuben was discharged from the militia, but the Rank of Major must have been bestowed upon him later, since he was listed as Major Reuben in the census. Upon searching the War of 1812 pension file application index, I have come up with the following:

Death or Disability
"Old War" Invalid
File # 245
Reuben Rogers
Tenn. Militia
Bundle #45, Can #4.

I planned to send off to the National Archives for this document, but first I was wondering if any of you had seen this document or had a copy, since it can take a very long time to receive these back from the Archives. I would also appreciate any input on this matter.

Thanks, Kristin


Take a look at this web site that Ray gave us some time back:


It gives the following. It appears that if Reuben was in Col Ewen Allison's Reg't and Captain John Hampton's Company, he was at the battle of Horse Shoe Bend. I would however, recommend that you get a copy of his records from the Nation Archives. It does not take long. If you need to know how to get a Form 80, let me know.


DESIGNATION: 1st Regiment of East Tennessee Militia
DATES: January 1814 - May 1814

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Greene, Sullivan, Washington, Carter, and Hawkins Counties

CAPTAINS: Joseph Everett, John Hampton, Jacob Hoyal, William King, Jonas Loughmiller, Henry McCray, Thomas Wilson, Adam Winsell


This regiment was also designated as the First Regiment of East Tennessee Drafted Militia. The unit was part of General George Doherty's brigade, along with Colonel Samuel Bunch's Second Regiment. Doherty's brigade participated in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814) where they were part of the right line of attack on the Creek fortifications. There were casualties in many of the companies, especially in those of Captains Everett, King, Loughmiller, and Winsell. The Nashville Clarion of 10 May 1814 has a complete listing of the dead and wounded from this climactic battle of the Creek War.

The principal rendezvous point for this regiment was Knoxville. From there they traveled to Ross' Landing (present-day Chattanooga), to Fort Armstrong, Fort Deposit, Fort Strother, Fort Williams, to Horseshoe Bend, and back by the reverse route. Captain Hampton's company was ordered to man Fort Armstrong in mid-March 1814. Arms were scarce in this unit and rifles often had to be impressed from the civilian population along the line of march.

The book written by Maude Crowe is called Decendants From First Families of Virginia. There is a copy of this book at the Kegley Library in Wytheville

Notes for Bathsheba Haile:

Bathsheba died March of 1860 of Consumption in Washington County, Tennessee. She is a daughter of Joshua Hale and Mary Stephenson.

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