Joseph Rogers

Born: Abt. 1758 in Virginia
Died: 1828 in Washington County, Tennessee

Mother: Sokey Unknown
Father: Benjamin Rogers

Married: Elizabeth ( Britton? )

She was born Abt. 1765 in Virginia
Parents unknown. Other Brittons in Montgomery Co at the time were Jonathon, William, John, James, and the wife (first name unknown) of Joseph Rogers' brother, John (the Powder Maker).


  1. Nancy
    b. Bet. 1780 - 1790
    m. Gideon Farris; d. Morgan County, Indiana
  2. Reuben
    b. Abt. 1786, Montgomery (now Wythe) County, Virginia
    d. 11 October 1865, Washington County, Tennessee
  3. Elijah
    b. Abt. 1793, Tennessee
    d. Abt. 1849, Morgan County, Indiana
  4. Stacy
    b. Bet. 1800 - 1810
    d. Washington County, Indiana
  5. Elizabeth
    b. Abt. 1807, Washington County, Tennessee
    d. Monroe County, Tennessee
  6. Artemsa
    b. Abt. 1808, Washington County, Tennessee
    d. Abt. 1880
  7. Jeremiah
    b. Abt. 1822
  8. Sarah (Sally)
    b. Unknown
    m. John Booth, Jr.

Sources and Additional Information:

Joseph was born around 1758 maybe in Culpepper County, Virginia, the fourth son of Benjamin (the immigrant) Rogers. The first real record we have for him is March 2, 1778, when he swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia along with his brothers John and William and either Benjamin, Sr. or Benjamin, Jr.

He appears to have served in the Revolutionary War; he was present at the Battle of Whitzell's Mills on Reedy Creek on March 6, 1781 and at Guilford Court House on March 15, 1781. See Battle at Guilford Court House under Bits and Pieces for more on these two battles.

On May 8, 1782, Joseph was in court at Montgomery County, claiming losses of equipment at the Battle at Whitzell's Mills. In 1781 and 1782, Joseph was listed as a member of Captain James Newell's Company of the Montgomery County, Virginia militia.

It appears from deed records that Joseph (as many people at that time did) speculated in real estate, purchasing land from Revolutionary War awards and selling it for profit. He is listed in the 1780s and 1790s on Tax Lists in both Virginia and Tennessee, so it is unclear where he actually lived during this period. In 1784, he appears to have received a land grant of his own in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Joseph married Elizabeth (Britton?) sometime in the early 1780s. Perhaps he then moved to Tennessee permanently, since his son Reuben, born in 1786, recorded in the 1850 and 1860 censuses that he was born in Tennessee. He was in Washington County by 1790, being appointed an ensign in the Washington County Militia and witnessing a deed in 1791. He had land on Dry Creek and the Nolichucky River in Washington County during this time, but appears to have made his final settlement in 1806 when he purchased 56 acres along the Dry Creek.

Joseph sent at least one child to school, as he owed money to the estate of Samuel Wilson, a teacher, deceased in 1819. Son Reuben was most probably sent to school, since we know he was literate, and son Elijah may have attended as well, although we really have no evidence.

Joseph appears to have been a blacksmith. He signed petitions in 1816 and in 1824 for the formation of an Iron Works. The area where he lived is not far from present day Embreeville. The Embrees ran the mines and Iron Works. At the time of his estate sale, his son Elijah bought blacksmith tools from the estate.

Joseph died sometime between January and October 1824 in Washington County, Tennessee. The inventory of his estate provides us with details about what frontier life must have been like.


An Enventory of the Property of Joseph Rogers, Decd. returned by the administrator.

One Waggon and Hitchbands 2 Cows 3 Yearlings 6 head sheap 2 Sows & 16 pigs 7 Shoats 2 Colts 1 Set Blacksmith tools 1 Scithe & Cradle 1 Grindstone 1 loom & Cupboard 2 Sets fire dogs 1 Kettle one pot 2 beds 1 By wheel 1 oven 2 Plows 2 pair Gears 2 plains 1 Crow 2 Steel traps 1 Broad axe 1 Foot adz 1 Froe 1 Mattock 2 hoes 1 hand Saw 1 Drawing Knife 1 Iron Wedge 1 Shovel 1 Dung fork 1 Shot gun 1 Chest 1 log Chain

Returned to the Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions at the January Term 1828

Also the following notes payable in bank notes: [includes a note for Saml Rogers for $50.00 dated 8/21/1822, David Rogers for 39 pounds of Merchantable Gunpowder dated 10/9/1792, and others]

At the estate sale, buyers included Elizabeth Rogers [his wife], Artimacia Rogers [daughter], Elijah Rogers[son], Zachariah Freeman [son-in-law], William Wilson, Benjamin Rogers [son-in-law, son of John TPM], John Coppinger [son-in-law], John Smith, Reuben Rogers [son], Daniel L. Bayles, and Marlen Colyer.

In 1852, his widow Elizabeth (born in 1765 in Virginia from 1850 census) died and oldest son Reuben registered the deeds to him for his father's land. The deeds clearly state there were eight children, however, only six children are listed in the registering of the deeds. They are:

  1. Reuben Rogers, b. about 1786, d. 10/11/1865, married Bathsheba Haile.
  2. Nancy, b. between 1780 and 1790, married Gideon Farris.
  3. Elijah, b. abt 1793, d. abt. 1849, married Barthena Sargent
  4. Stacy, b. between 1800 and 1810, married Zachariah Freeman
  5. Elizabeth, b. about 1807, married John Coppinger
  6. Artemesa, b. about 1808, died after 1880, married Benjamin Rogers

Likely candidates for the two other children are Sarah (Sally), who married John Booth, Jr., and Jeremiah, who married Sarah Springs in 1815.

Here are sightings that we believe are attributable to Joseph:

ca 1758 - Born (Culpeper Co, VA ?). Benjamin (the Immigrant)'s 4th son.

2 Mar 1778 - Swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Source: "Montgomery Co, VA, The First Hundred Years", p.52-53.

6 Mar 1781 - Battle at Whitzell's Mills on Reedy Creek, Source: "Annals of SW VA, Montgomery Co", p.771 & "Kings Mt Heros", p.391-393.

15 Mar 1781 - Battle at Guilford Courthouse. Source: "Annals of SW VA", p.1405.

5 April 1781 - Member of Captain James Newell's Company of Montgomery Co. Militia. Source: "Montgomery Co, VA, The First Hundred Years", p.94-95.

8 May 1782 - Montgomery Co, VA Court. Claimed ?-? for equipment lost in action on Reedy Fork (Reedy Creek) at Whitzell's Mills on the way to the Battle at Guilford Courthouse, NC. Source: "Annals of SW VA, Montgomery Co", p.771.

1782 - Member of Captain James Newell's Company of Montgomery Co. Militia. Source: "Montgomery Co, VA, The First Hundred Years", p.108.

29 Mar 1788 - Listed with no White male boys 16-21, no slaves, and one horse. Source: "1788 Montgomery Co, Tax List (List A)".

2 Sep 1791 - James Keele TO: Benjamin Brown; 200 acres on the norhside of Cherokee Ck where James Keele now lives, part of James McAdams entry CONS: ?2. WIT: Joseph X Rogers, Christopher Hammond, J.G. Brown. Source: Washington Co TN Deeds,1775-1800", p.95.

11 July 1806 - Bought 56 acres on Dry Cr from Charles Robison. Source: "Washington Co TN Deeds, 1797-1817 Vol 2", p.88.

1807 - Several claims. Source: Montgomery Co, VA Court Order-Claims 3, p.3.

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