John Rogers

Born: 28 December 1781 in Montgomery (later became Wythe) County, Virginia
Died: 19 February 1861 in Missouri ???

Mother: ? Britton
Father: John Rogers

Married: Sarah (Sally) Lynch


  1. Mathew
    b. 1838

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I received the copy of Benjamin's will that you sent. Thanks so much. It is very interesting and thank goodness relatively easy to read. Some of the old hand writing looks like my doctor's script.

The "John Rogers of Claiborne Co" who was appointed at the Executor of the will was not John (the Powder Maker) since he died in 1822. This John was probably John (the Powder Maker)'s son, John (28 Dec 1781 - 19 Feb 1861). He was married to Sarah (Sally) Lynch.

John (TPM)'s son David (Major David) also had a son named John W. Rogers who was born in 1801. He would have been old enough in 1834 for such a task too.


Subject: More Rodgers --- Help!!!
Date: 30/11/99 1:20:43 AM GMT
Standard Time
From: NufSed007

Cousins, I haven't posted to this group before but have been copying virtually everything the rest of you have been submitting. This may be lengthy so PLEASE bear with me for this initial posting because I want to be fairly complete and really need help at this juncture.

The 1850 census, NC., Cherokee County, provided:

John Rogers Sr. 68 M Farmer b. Virginia (born ca. 1782)

Polly 62 F b. NC (born ca. 1788)

Nancy 31 F b. Tennessee (born ca. 1819)

William 22 M b. Tennessee (born ca. 1828)

Martha 15 F b. Tennessee (born ca. 1835)

Mathew 12 M b. Tennessee (born ca. 1838) my ggfthr

John 5 M b. NC (born ca. 1845)

William 3 M b. NC (born ca. 1847)

Mary (Many) 25 F b. Tennessee (born ca. 1825)

I am sure that Mathew is my great grandfather because I found a Telitha Billings, age 15, in the same neighborhood as Mathew in the 1850 census and they are man and wife in the 1860 census for Cherokee County. Also, in 1860 they have a son, Jasper born in Cherokee County ca. 1858. Jasper was the name of my grandfather's oldest brother.

The 1860 census for North Carolina, Cherokee County, Persimmon Creek, Notta District provided the following:

M. ?. Rogers 23 M Farmer b. Blount Co Tenn (born ca.1837)

Telitha 26 F b. Lauren Dist SC (born ca.1834)

Jasper N 2 M b. Cherokee NC (born ca.1858)

I have traced Telitha's family back to Spartanburg, SC in 1840 so am confident I have the correct one.

It appears that Nancy, William, Martha and Mathew were born in Tennessee and Mathew in Blount County as stated in the 1860 census.

My concern is, "who is the John Rogers Sr. indicated in the 1850. John was 68, Polly was 62, were they the parents of the younger children? If not, who was? Who was Polly? Does anyone have any record of Mathew in Tennessee?

I have little or no information on this group between 1860 and 1880. Anything any of you may be able to provide about John and family and/or Mathew and family will be greatly appreciated.

I located Mathew again in the 1880 census, Tennessee, Roane County, 1st Civil District. This census provided:

Rogers Mathew M 54 Laborer (age should be ca. 42)

Rebecca F 45 Keep House (age should be ca. 45)

Jasper M 22 At Home (age should be ca. 22)

Alice F 19

Amos M 17 At Home

Rosa F 10

Arthur M 7 (my grandfather)

Rufus M 8/12

Rosa married a Lewis Gerber and I can give a little information on that family. Arthur married a Dora Vandiver who was born in Georgia and gave birth to four boys, one in Tennessee (I believe), one, my father, in Macon, Georgia, and two in Birmingham, Alabama. As far as I have been able to tell, Dora PROBABLY died in or near Birmingham shortly after 1900. I understand that she is buried near Bessemer, Alabama but have not been able to verify that as yet.

Subject: Re: More Rogers --- Help!!!
Date: 01/12/99 4:38:35 PM GMT
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From: JRogers722
To: NufSed007


Wow, it looks like you have a tough one here. I wish I had the answer, but I do not. I feel certain however that the answer is out there somewhere. At least now you have the rest of us looking too.

Assuming that your John Rogers b. ca 1782 is descended from Benjamin (the Immigrant), he would have to be a grandson. So, who was his father? As I said, I do not know, but I believe we can rule out a couple of Benjamin's sons.

- Benjamin's oldest son William b. 1748 had a son named John, but he was born earlier than yours and Barbara has told us that he went to KY and not SW NC.

- Benjamin Jr b. 1755-7 married Martha Brawley in 1788. It is possible that this was his second marriage in that he would have been in his early thirties in 1788. However, his Rev War Pension application did not mention a previous marriage.

- John (the Powder Maker) b. 1757 third son was named John and according to Old Speedwell Families (OSF) he was born 28 Dec 1781........that's pretty close. The only other thing I know about him is what OSF tells us: married Sarah (Sally) Lynch and died 19 Feb 1861. We do know that this John would have born in VA so that would fit too. Does anyone else have anything on this John?

- Joseph b. ca 1760 married Elizabeth (Britton?).......I do not have a John listed for this son of Benjamin.

- James b. 2 Jul 1760?..........this guy is really elusive. I'm not sure that any of the information I have for this son is accurate. There was a James who married an Agness Forgey 26 Apr 1789 in Washington County, Tennessee, but I have no idea if this is our James.

- Reuben b. ca 1761............again, I do not have anything on this son either.

- David b. ca 1763..........same. There was a David who married a Hanna Kasten in 1782 in Montgomery Co (later Wythe Co), VA..........possible.

- Jeremiah b. ca 1765 (according to Rev War Pension application and census records). Probably too young. He went to Marion County, Tennessee (south central TN) before 1830.

So, it looks to me like it could have been John, James, Reuben, or David. Might be a start.

One last thing. I note that in the 1850 census record there are two Williams listed.......one 22 and one 3 years old. Due to the age of John and Polly, I would be very suspect about William 3 or even John 5 being their children.


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