James & Sarah (Keller-Cawood) Rogers

James Rogers

Born: Abt. 1783

Mother: Unknown Britton
Father: John Rogers

Married: Sarah Keller Abt. 1806.

James' wife, Sarah Kelly (Keller/Kellerby) Cawood was the widow of Stephen Cawood . Stephen Cawood (13 Sep 1765 - 3 Feb 1806) was the son of Stephen Cawood

Died: after 12 Oct 1855



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I believe the following agreement, recorded in Deed book X-page 432, between Jesse & D. F. Rogers & Stephen Cawood seems to prove that Sarah Keller Cawood Rogers was still alive on the 12th of Oct 1855.

State of Tennessee
Claiborne County
Personally appeared before me Thomas J. Johnson, clerk of the county Court of said county John M Vanbebber, on the 24 December 1855, and S. M. C. Bowman on the 11 day of February 1856- the two Subscribing witnesses to the within agreement, who after being sworn depose and say that they heard Jesse Rogers, David F. Rogers and Stephen Cawood acknowledge the execution of the within agreement for the purpose therein contained upon, the day it bears date. Given under my hand and dated at office in Tazewell, this 11th day of February 1856 Thomas J. Johnson, Clerk

Where as Jesse Rogers & D. F. Rogers lately recovered by the judgment of the Circuit Court of Claiborne County affirmed in the Supreme Court at Knoxville three sixths of a certain tract of land in said county of Claiborne, being the same where on Stephen Cawood now lives, and where as one share of said land is claimed by said Plaintiffs Jesse & D. F. Rogers by purchase from David W. Rogers who is tenant by the curtesy and the said Cawood owns the reversion in the land after the life estate of the said David W. Rogers, and where as the said Plaintiffs claim the recovery of misue profits which the said Cawood resists on the ground that the mother of the said Cawood by the last will & testament of his father Steven Cawood the elder (smug) to have her subsistence during life charged upon said land and that the said charge is sufficient to absorb the rents and profits. Now in consideration of the premises and of the several difficulties being between the sai! d Jesse & D. W. Rogers of the one part & Steven Cawood of the other, that the Steven Cawood here by releases & quite claim to the three sixths of said land recovered in said suit to the said Jesse & D. F. Rogers their heirs & assigns for ever and the said Jesse & D. F. Rogers release & quit claim to the said Stephen Cawood the other three sixths in said land to hold to him & his heirs forever and they do further agree to & do herby release to him the said Cawood all damages misue profits arrearages of rents and causes of action relative there to and in any wise growing out of said tract of land or the use and occupation there of by said Cawood or any other person up to this date, and they further agree not to take possession of the said share of land recovered as a fore said until the first day of December next, at which time the said Cawood agrees that he will without any compulsion or legal process, admit them into a quiet possession wit! h himself until which time said Cawood is to use the land for his own benefit & to save his present growing crop without accountability to said plaintiffs, there for he undertaking to do no permanent injury in said time.
seal and the said Cawood agrees to take the care and expense of the widow & support her without letting the said Jesse & D. W. Rogers be at any expense on any wise encumbered with her future subport or in any wise troubled in the premises on her account during the remainder of her life.

Witness our hands & seals this 12th day of October 1855.
J. M. Vanbebber
S. M. C. Bowman
Jesse Rogers (seal)
D. F. Rogers (seal)
Stephen Cawood (seal)

Filed in my office the 23rd day of September 1856- at 2 O'clock P M and registered the same day

David Cardwell register
for Claiborne County

As you can see the last paragraph was added after the three seals were written on the page. Jesse & David F. (sons of Major David) wanted to make sure they would not be held responsible for Stephen Cawood's mother.


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Hello Everyone, In my attempt to find parents for Madison M. Rogers I am looking at James And Sarah Rogers. Unfortunately the Rogers-Ben website has her dying in 1814. I think more likely that she died after the 1850 census. The paper submitted by Ray seems to bear me out in this belief.

Here is some information that I haven't seen on the website about James Rogers. I have only found one James who would be the right age to have this apply.

Tennessee Claiborne County February Term 1807.
Benjamin Keewood
John Berry Executors of Stephen Keewood deceased-
Wm Rogers Esqr In this case the defendants came into Court
James Rogers & confessed Judgment for costs & dismissed the suit
Sary his wife

State of Tennessee Claiborne County May Term 1814

Rebecca Keewood
Elizabeth Keewood being of sufficient age chose James Rogers for their
Sally Keewood Guardian, who is appointed by this court
Guardian for Stephen Keewood

Rachel Keewood she being under sufficient age to choose her Guardian and the said James Rogers gives Bond with David Rogers and James Walker for his Securities.

The preceeding Grand Jury received their charge by James Rogers Esqr for John F. Jack Esqr the Solicitor for the County - and withdrew for business attended by Samuel Acklen Constable

State of Tennessee Claiborne County August Term 1807James Rogers Esqr Attorney at law on producing His licence is sworn to support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Tennessee and in open court took the oath of an attorney at law to practice in this court. State of Tennessee Claiborne County Feb. Term 1808

The Court ordered the Sheriff to put McNab in the stocks for one hour for his contempt to the Court & Jury
The Court on Motion of James Rogers Esquire ordered the said McNab to be released from the penalty of the order for confirming him in the stocks.

I have met a new cousin, not through Rogers-Ben but through a trip to Speedwell and she is going to help by putting me in touch with another cousin. Someone has to know something about my GGrandfather MADISON.

Kay Rogers Bullinger

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