David (Major David) & Mary Elizabeth "Polly" (Lewis) Rogers

David (Major David) Rogers

Born: 3 Oct 1779 in Montgomery County (later Wythe County), VA
14 Sept 1871 in Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Rogers' Cemetery, Old Hwy # 63, Claiborne County, Tennessee

Mother: ? Britton
Father: John Rogers

Married: Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Lewis May 1800

Married by his brother William Rogers b. 1777 at William's house in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

Born: 1 Jan 1781 in Surry County/Guilford County, North Carolina
13 Feb 1880 in Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Rogers' Cemetery, Old Hwy # 63, Claiborne County, Tennessee

Mother: Unknown (Catherine Moon-step mother)
Father: Solomon Lewis


  1. William G.
    b. 15 Jun 1801, Speedwell, Claiborne, County, Tennessee
    d. 19 May 1862, Claiborne County, Tennessee
  2. John W. (Jackson)
    b. 1 Jul 1803, Speedwell, Claiborne, County, Tennessee
    d. 15 Jul 1864, Platte County, Missouri
  3. James
    b. 17 Aug 1805, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 25 Feb 1893, Went to Georgia
  4. Russell Benjamin
    b. 7 Nov 1807, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. Sept 1862, Went to Bristol, Virginia
  5. Pleasant M.
    b. 9 Sept 1809, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 20 Aug 1874, Pawnee City, Pawnee County, Nebraska
  6. Jesse LaFayette (Mut)
    b. 6 Oct 1811, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 16 Aug 1888, Claiborne County, Tennessee
  7. David Franklin (Doc)
    b. 20 Oct 1813, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 24 Mar 1893, Claiborne County, Tennessee
  8. Isaac Newton
    b. 22 Nov 1815, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 24 Jun 1873, Clinton County, Missouri
  9. Elizabeth
    b. 30 Nov 1817, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 30 Sept 1880, Claiborne County, Tennessee
  10. Henderson
    b. 18 May 1820, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 28 Jun 1892, Claiborne County, Tennessee
  11. Hu Lawson White
    b. 22 Feb 1822, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 27 Feb 1895, Clinton County, Missouri
  12. Lewis Moon
    b. 31 Dec 1824
    d. 25 Jan 1902
  13. Canada Hodge
    b. 30 Jun 1826, Claiborne County, Tennessee
    d. 8 Aug 1893, Claiborne County, Tennessee

Sources and Additional Information:

Listed in East Tn Roots, Vol VII No. 1 Page 34-35

Claiborne County 1820 Census of Manufacturing

Name: David Rogers
Kind of Mfg: Powder Mill
Raw materials: "3450" Peter and Brimstone
# of Employees: 2 men
Capital: $862
Wages Paid: "000"
Products: Powder
Value of Products: 50 cents per pound

Subject: General comments
Date: 02/11/99 8:33:22 PM GMT Standard Time
From: wellmanj@idir.net (Joy and Richard Wellman)
To: JRogers722@aol.com

In previous memos, there have been some comments about the desc. of Major David Rogers being the "red haired" group. My only brother and I both have red hair as does his son and daughter. However, our three boys all have brown hair. My first cousin, once removed (dau. of Turner Rogers) had red hair as did several of her children. There's not much red hair tradition on any of my other ancestry lines, so was interested to learn of the amount of red hair among the Major David line.

Do any of you have the genealogy FAMILIES OF DALLAS, LOURENS, ROGERS AND SOME OF THEIR RELATIVES by Zella Rogers Dallas and Eureatha Rogers Lourens? It was published in 1984 and contains 4,019 pages. It is really a compilation of family group sheets, so a lot of the data space is blank, leading to the extensive number of pages. On page 3001, she has a page for Benjamin Rogers, b. ca 1715. The source notes are most interesting. They list the following:

Notes from old family Bible in possession of Juanita (Bowman) Owens; unpublished notes and papers of Hassie (Hall) Rogers and Tilman Horace Rogers; Rogers Family of Claiborne County, Tennessee. Powell's Valley, by Elizabeth (Beeler) Moore, 22 Jan 1926, in Lawsonn-McGhee Library, Knoxville TN.; State of Tennessee, Blount County, Free Taxable Inhabitants 1805, Entry # 158, Tennessee State Archives, Nashville TN; Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800, by L. P. Summers, part 2 Wythe County, Genealogical Publ. Co, Baltimore MD, 1970, p 1377; conversation 20 Oct 1984 between Zella (Rogers) Dallas and a g-g-g-g-grandaughter of Bethsheba and Reuben Rogers, Deborah Rose (Bailey) Broyles, Unicoi TN. who has a copy of their marriage license.

On the page for the man we know as Major David Rogers, she has him listed as DAVID F.[RANKLIN] ROGERS. On the back of the page is addl. info. including the following quote:

"David F. Rogers was a planter and powder manufacturer. He served in the Tennessee State Legislature, 1829-1832; 1835-1836." Sources noted are--Rogers Family of Claiborne County, Tennessee. Powell's Valley, by Elizabeth (Beeler) Moore 22 Jan. 1926 in Lawson-McGhee Library, Knoxville, TN. This may be the source of much of the thought that Major David had a middle initial of F. and if so, the further presumption that the middle name was Franklin.

Subject: Major David Rogers
Date: 06/23/2000 12:03:58 AM GMT Daylight Time
From: Rlbeagle71
To: JRogers722


Under Ancestry.com it lists the following information. Is this our David???? Rogers David Bunch's Regiment Mounted (1813-14) E. Tennessee Volunteers.Rank: Major Roll Box 178 Roll Exct 602 .


Subject: [ROGERS-BEN] Major David Rogers Cemetery
Date: 3/25/2001 3:33:44 AM GMT Daylight Time
From: SWDLookN@aol.com
Reply-to: ROGERS-BEN-L@rootsweb.com
To: ROGERS-BEN-L@rootsweb.com

Dear List:

Edith Rogers Carr told me in 1995 that Dorothy Bruce failed to include Maj. David's family cemetery in her Cemeteries of Claiborne County book so she made sure Dorothy listed this cemetery in her Cemeteries of Campbell County book.

The following was taken from Cemeteries of Campbell County, Tennessee, History in Stone, By Dorothy Bruce. Published by Dorothy Bruce, Jefferson Printing Company, Jefferson City, Tennessee, Copyright 1989.

Beginning on page 216, titled Some Other Cemeteries Near Campbell County, the Claiborne County cemeteries are listed. Page 219, "Rogers (Major David) Cemetery Location: About 12 miles east of LaFollette on the original Major Rogers farm on Highway 63 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Listed: 1985 by Edith Carr.

Some of the old stone markers have been replaced with new stones. This replacement of the stones was sponsored by Stephen Rogers, Dr. Frank Rogers, and Ralph Rogers. The inscription on one headstone in illegible. There may be some unmarked graves in the cemetery. Stephen I. Rogers, gr-gr-grdson of Major David, is owner of the farm now.

Baby Boy: 1891 (one date)
Bratcher, Alta F. : b/d 1927
Bratcher, Billy D., Pvt.: W.W.II, 1928-1959
Bratcher, Fannie Rogers: 1904-1930
Cain, Rachel Rogers: 1865-1908
Lane, M. J.: 1818-1871
Lewis, Catherine: wife of Solomon, 1759-1845
Lewis, Josephine: 1882-1884
Lewis, Solomon: Revolutionary War, father of Polly Lewis Rogers, 1750-1843
Lewis, William H.: 1880-1884
Monday, Bonnie: 1924-1926
Monday, Charlie: 1879-1880
Monday, Minnie: 1887-1898
Monday, Sallie: 1860-1924
Rogers, Anna: 1828-1885
Rogers, Major David: War of 1812, 1779-1871
Rogers, Dolly: slave of the Henderson Rogers family, 1820-1882 (freed)
Rogers, C. H.: Civil War, 1826-1893
Rogers, Henderson: son of Major David, 1820-1892
Rogers, Hugh: 1843-1860
Rogers, James: 1850-1886
Rogers, Jessie: 1847-1888
Rogers, Lewis: 1824-1857
Rogers, Margaret: 1814-1857
Rogers, Nancy M.: wife of C. H., 1826-1907
Rogers, Polly Lewis: wife of Major David, 1781-1880
Rogers, Reuben: 1846-1851
Rogers, Rhoda: 1850-1880
Rogers, Robert: slave, 1838-1860
Rogers, William H.:1860-1956
Sweat, Anna: 1853-1935
Welch, Minnie: baby, 1926 (one stone)"


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