Stephen Rogers

Born: Abt. 1780 in Tennessee.

Mother: Martha Brawley
Father: Benjamin Rogers

Married: ?


  1. Margaret
    b. Abt. 1831

Sources and Additional Information:

One other note: I found an interesting census entry for a Stephen Rogers in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1850. Rodgers, Stephen, 70, born in TN, Margaret, 29, born in TN, David C., 9, Mary C., 3, Benjamin 4/12. Could this be Stephen, son of Benjamin Jr.? I don't know. If it was, he would have to be the son of a first wife of Benjamin, not of Martha Brawley. As you can see in the attached notes, the last record I have of Stephen Rogers is in 1817 in Blount County, and I failed to find him in any of the East Tennessee Counties in the 1830 census, meaning he probably moved. Henderson County is in Middle or West Tennessee, I don't remember where.

Also, the only records I can find for John Coats (married to Sarah Rogers in Blount County) are in 1799 and 1800, tax insolvency and jury duty. After that, we lose track of him.

Attached is the text file with the notes on Benjamin.



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