Sarah Rogers

Born: Abt. 1778

Mother: Martha Brawley
Father: Benjamin Rogers

Married: John Coats 12 Jan 1796 in Blount County, Tennessee.


Sources and Additional Information:

Marriage record in Blount Co indicates a Sarah Rogers married John Coats, but the wedding date is 1796. That is only nine years after Benjamin and Martha Brawley's marriage.

Subject: Re: Benjamin Rogers Jr. Will and Estate
Date: 10/01/2000 11:33:40 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: kristin108@hotmail.com (Kristin Whitson)
To: JRogers722@aol.com

Dear Jerry,

Just another speculation: Your notes indicated that Sarah Rogers married John Coats in Blount County in 1796, only 9 years after the marriage date of Benjamin Jr. to Martha Brawley. Could it be that she is the daughter of some unknown first wife of Benjamin Jr.? In Benjamin Jr.'s will, you certainly get the feeling that he is giving everything to Martha or to William Wright, and his children don't get much until the death of Martha.

It appears as if William Wright was the favored child. Just from a speculative point of view regarding human nature, it could be that none of the 4 other children listed (Stephen, Margaret, Sarah, and Mary) were children of a first wife, and hence not the 'favored' children. Again, just pure speculation on my part. We have no evidence that Martha was not the mother of these children or that Benjamin Jr. had another wife.


Notes for John Coates:

Also, the only records I can find for John Coats (married to Sarah Rogers in Blount County) are in 1799 and 1800, tax insolvency and jury duty. After that, we lose track of him.


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